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Social Distancing and Hygiene Requirements

Upon arriving at Long Shot you will be met by a greeter, who will confirm your name and reservation time. 


You may have your temperature taken with an electronic forehead or temporal thermometer and be permitted entry if you have a temperature of 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit or less.


To enter our facilities, you must wear a surgical mask or nose and mouth covering to our satisfaction. You must wear nitrile, vinyl or similar gloves, prior to entering.


Gloves will be available for sale ($2 / pair) on a cash basis from the greeter.  Masks will not be for sale due to lack of availability.


Your admittance to Long Shot facilities is entirely by our discretion.  We retain the right to refuse entry for any reason.


Reservations are encouraged but no longer required.

In order to browse our selection or to receive guidance on a purchase decision, you must make a reservation to meet with a sales person.


In order to drop off a firearm for armorer’s services, you must make a reservation to meet with an armorer.


In order to pick up the firearm you purchased, after NICS approval, or to pick up after completion of armorer’s services, you must make an appointment.


Prompt Arrival for Your Reservation Is A Must

If you arrive early for your appointment and there is no other appointment scheduled, you may meet with your sales rep.


If you arrive late for your appointment, we will advise you of the next available time slot, if any that day.  If you choose not to accept it, you will need to make another appointment.



Online Merchandise for Sale

Long Shot Pistol and Rifle, LLC will not sell firearms, firearm parts or ammunitions of any type via the company website,


In order to purchase and take possession of this type of merchandise, customers must come into the store, provide proper photo identification and governmental authorizing documents and make payment, in person.




Merchandise Returns and Refunds

All merchandise sales are final. There are no returns on any items purchased at Long Shot.


Special Orders

All special orders require a 50% deposit at the time of order. Orders must be paid in full and picked up within 30 days from the date of the email confirmation Long Shot will send you when the order arrives.


Orders not paid in full at the completion of the 30 day period will be subject to cancellation and a 20% restocking fee of the full value of the order including NJ sales tax. No portion of the NICS charge is refunded, which has been paid to the NJ State Police.


If you do not leave a valid email during the order process, or do not read the email sent to you, the 30 day time limit will still be enforced.  


NICS Denials

If you purchase a firearm(s) from inventory or as a special order(s) and your subsequent mandatory application through the NICS (National Instant Criminal background check System) is denied by the NJ State Police, you will not be able to take possession of the firearm(s) and the sale will be immediately cancelled. 


You will be refunded 80% of the total merchandise purchase value, inclusive of NJ sales tax.  20% will be retained as a processing fee to cover Long Shot’s administrative costs.  No portion of the NICS charge is refunded, which has been paid to the NJ State Police.


In bound Transfers

If you purchase a firearm on-line or elsewhere and wish to have it delivered to Long Shot as an FFL dealer, please send an email to with the following information:


  • Your name as it appears on your Purchasing Permit, if transferring a pistol or on your name as it appears on your FID if transferring a rifle, shotgun or NJ Other; and


  • The name of the dealer which will be sending the firearm to Long Shot on your behalf; and


  • The make, model and caliber of the firearm; and


  • Advise us of any specific work which needs to be performed to make the firearm compliant with all NJ firearms laws, if you know of any;


Upon arriving at Long Shot, your specific firearm information will be recorded into our “bound book” and our transfer fee will be due and payable, whether you ultimately take possession of the firearm or not.


From the date of arrival, you have 29 additional calendar days to pay Long Shot’s transfer fees, whether or not you will ultimately take possession of the firearm, whether or not we are performing any armorer’s services on the firearm to make it NJ compliant.


Long Shot must enforce all Federal and NJ State laws relating to the sale of firearms.  If we receive a firearm which is not compliant for any reason, we will contact you to advise whether we are capable of making the modification necessary to normalize the firearm and what the additional charges would be for these specific services, above our typical transfer fees.


If the arriving firearm requires additional armorer’s services but you do not authorize Long Shot to perform the work, you can direct Long Shot to return the firearm solely to the dealer which first shipped it to us.  You will be charged $50.00 in services fees for the compliance inspection and the generation of a quotation for additional armorer’s services needed, plus the cost to package and ship the firearm back, via UPS / Fedex overnight courier services.


Do not expect that we will take the gun under consignment or purchase it from you for resale. We will not ship the firearm to another NJ dealer to be made compliant.


From the date of arrival, if 89 additional calendar days have passed and you have

  • not paid-in-full the transfer fee due to Long Shot for receiving the firearm; or


  • not provided Long Shot direction and 50% partial payment, in response to its proposal to normalize your firearm under NJ Firearm Laws, if they were necessary; or


  • not provided Long Shot direction and payment-in-full for the compliance inspection and the cost of generating the quotation for the additional armorer’s services plus to the cost to package and ship the firearm back, via UPS / Fedex overnight courier services

your firearm will be forfeit and ownership will be transferred to Long Shot without cost. 


Long Shot will endeavor to immediately sell the firearm.  If the value received by Long Shot from the sale of the firearm does not satisfy all unpaid service fees, those unpaid balances will remain for your account and you will be responsible for all collection costs, including attorney fees, if any.


If the value received by Long Shot for the sale of the firearm satisfies all unpaid balances, the remainder will be for Long Shot’s account. 


If your firearm is forfeit, Long Shot’s responsibilities under any explicit or implicit bailment agreement under NJ Law will be deemed to have been terminated with prejudice.


Expulsion Policy

If a gun store customer is expelled from Long Shot Pistol and Rifle for any reason, all pending merchandise orders will be immediately cancelled and all deposits forfeit. There will be no refunds of any kind.

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